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Moovers is different. We don’t just move you. We provide complete moving solutions. Our full range of custom services solves all of your moving problems efficiently and on budget. That’s because only Moovers offers guaranteed flat rate pricing in writing so you know what you owe before you move. And of course, if you added more items to move during the last minute , our moving consultants will give you the add-on price to pay as reflected in our company’s standard price list. No exorbitant or sky high fees, its about a fair deal.
Whether you’re an individual moving into a new apartment, a family vacating a home or a company relocating your corporate offices across the country, Moovers can help. We specialize in hassle-free moves that are quick, efficient, safe – and always on-budget!

Bigger, better trucks

Bigger, better trucks

Especially in moving trucks – LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. They look the same from the outside but it’s a whole other story on the inside. Most moving trucks hold just 1,200 cubic feet. But our moving trucks hold a whopping 2,200 cubic feet . That’s almost twice as much as the other guys! But don’t expect our competition to upgrade any time soon. They actually quote you a cheaper fee for a truckload but by using a smaller truck, It lets them make more trips for your move. And you end up having to waste time , pay more and that’s a lot more money for them! We move faster and maximize all the space with a bigger capacity, Moovers wont want to leave more carbon footprints too. Our staffs are trained to complete the job using as little time and they get small rewards like going home early once they complete their assignment and cash incentives when they help to save on fuel charges.

eco-friendly moving boxes

Eco Friendly box

Moovers provide used but almost brand new carton boxes for your move. These carton boxes are bought from various factories island wide which usually has been used to carry only new electronic parts . So you can be assured that our boxes will be super clean and sturdy. If it can hold the expensive stuffs, it can definitely hold and protect your precious belongings.

We are introducing a new way to move “greener “ with our plastic storage boxes. Of course we welcome if you would like to be part of our Green Campaign by using these. Green plastic tote boxes for your move instead. Read more about it and Check out our attractive rental rates @ lin

Our Value-Added Services

Moovers will provide FREE Heavy duty Protective Shrink wrapping on all your major bulky and furniture items before loading them onto the trucks . So your precious items are well protected against knocks during the course of transportation.
Moovers also provide Free Dismantling and Assembly Services for all your furniture in your HOME or OFFICE. Our Guys are very well trained in this aspect so you can rest assured that your Bed frames , Wardrobes , Book shelfs and etc will be back in their original condition from your previous location. And of course , you may also wish to engage a third party installer should your furniture is very costly and need special handling and tools for it.


Moovers Moving Services

Excellent Service!

Very courteous people, did the work with proper planning, timely execution, taking care of everything.

Everything was done in the most professional manner. Really pleasure having an experience with you company &people.

Would always remember, keep up the good work!

Raghav Consul, Tampines

Residential Mover

 - by: Raghav Consul, Tampines


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