Used Furniture Rental / Sale

MOOVERS has a range of high quality household and office furniture for sale or rent.

Our prices are very competitive and and we offer different furnishing packages - either for your own use or clients for home-staging, etc.

We collect and buy back good quality furnitures / appliances throughout Singapore.

Do check out our latest collection today and let our consultants assist you with your requirements.


Moovers Moving Services

非常满意 - Extremely Satisfied

我们对这次贵公司为我们的工作非常满意. 贵公司每一位员工都很尽心尽力. 不管工作中多困难,箱见和物件多重, 都没有任何怨言. 我与我的太太都非常感谢. 特此表扬. 贵公司有这么好的员工, 前途远大, 商机无限.


Commercial Mover

 - by: Mr Liang Zuo Sheng, Chemical Testing & Calibration Laboratory


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