Insurance Coverage Services


MOOVERS takes special care and protection in our every move. Our highly trained crew specializes in handling, wrapping, packing, crating and transporting your belongings and valuables. Occasionally, however, losses or damages may happen that everyone least expects.

Our Service charges do not include compensation for these situations and in fact all moving companies will not guarantee and will never provide insurance coverages for you.

MOOVERS often advise our clients that if unless you have an expensive and valuable piece of item, we will engage our reputable third party insurance company to give a separate valuation and quotation for your move.

We can also provide an IN HOUSE risk management contract which covers for losses and damages but only up to a limited amount depending on the job. Speak to our moving consultants should you wish to know more about it.


Moovers Moving Services

Excellent Service!

Very courteous people, did the work with proper planning, timely execution, taking care of everything.

Everything was done in the most professional manner. Really pleasure having an experience with you company &people.

Would always remember, keep up the good work!

Raghav Consul, Tampines

Residential Mover

 - by: Raghav Consul, Tampines


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