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Free* Storage up to 2 weeks when you move with us

Your new home is still under renovations ? Too many things and cant bear to throw them away but not enough storage space in your home. Moovers can solve all your problems by providing the most affordable, economical and green storage solutions.

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The One Price Mover

Moovers is different. We don’t just move you. We provide complete moving solutions. Our full range of custom services solves all of your moving problems efficiently and on budget. That’s because only Moovers offers guaranteed flat rate pricing in writing so you know what you owe before you move.


非常满意 - Extremely Satisfied

我们对这次贵公司为我们的工作非常满意. 贵公司每一位员工都很尽心尽力. 不管工作中多困难,箱见和物件多重, 都没有任何怨言. 我与我的太太都非常感谢. 特此表扬. 贵公司有这么好的员工, 前途远大, 商机无限.


- by: Mr Liang Zuo Sheng, Chemical Testing & Calibration Laboratory

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Our value-added services

Moovers will provide FREE Heavy duty Protective Shrink wrapping on all your major bulky and furniture items before loading them onto the trucks . So your precious items are well protected against knocks during the course of transportation.

Bigger, better trucks

Especially in moving trucks – LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. They look the same from the outside but it’s a whole other story on the inside. Most moving trucks hold just 1,200 cubic feet. But our moving trucks hold a whopping 2,200 cubic feet . That’s almost twice as much as the other guys!