Moovers International is set up by of a team of specialists. Our services includes domestic and international moving, local and overseas delivery, and storage rental service. Based on the extensive experience in the transportation industry and our close working relationship with large international trusted partner-agents, we believe that the every single job that clients assign to Moovers International will be delivered safely and on time.

Our service focuses on residential moving, international moving, and office moving. Meanwhile, we provide domestic and international commercial deliver service as well. What we can do not only the moving and transportation service, Moovers International can also solve your storage problem by providing the storage rental service.
Being a member in this world, we care about the environment that we live. In order to reduce the impact of greenhouse effect, we offer the free reused box which is made by a special material for our customers.

We make a commitment to our customers to promise that we can delivery the goods safely and on time. In doing so, we hope Moovers and transport can become the first choice for our customers every time.


The people behind Moovers have been in the moving business for the past 15 years. Previously known as Hua Yong Moving Services in the last decade , we are stepping up and getting ahead with technology as times have changed.Here we are , bringing you a brand new look and new quality management at Moovers International.


Moovers will be taking a step into exploring the Logistics Moving Industry with Value add and one stop station by introducing “ green concepts “ to all the related services and products. A trade which is often labelled as the “not so good people or less educated” will do. Many problems and complaints usually arise from poor communications and no proper training or management. Moovers strive to break all customs from old-school and revolutionize the Moving trade.


Setting up proper systems with branding and to embrace a better society. Moovers believe in giving everyone a second chance and helping each individual to earn one’s worth. To also help pass the message about global warming and importance of “ Going Green “, Actively contribute more to various charitable organizations and help non-profitable organizations in funding ecofriendly projects. To become the no.1 most talked about brand name in the moving & storage business and create more job opportunities in Singapore.


Moovers International will be a new business platform incorporating “ revolutionary green ideas “ to the various products/services and solutions related to the logistics industry.

Our Fleet and People

Moovers has a total number of 22 moving staffs at the moment which are mostly locals and are well trained in every aspect of the required move. Just because a man is big and burly doesn’t mean he’s the best mover for the job. Is he fully and thoroughly insured so you’re not liable if an accident happens ? Our moving staffs are fully insured with accident coverage plans in case of mishaps while doing your move. But dun have to worry, all safety measures and precautions are well taken care of every time and we move every home or office like its our own.

Customer Service:

  • Pick-up request
  • Price estimate request (Free service)
  • Free quotation onsite
  • Package Status and Proof of Delivery
  • General inquiries and advice


Moovers Moving Services

Thank you ....

We would like to express sincere thanks to Simon and his team for their excellent co-ordination and works for our warehouse and office move . We recently moved our warehouse with machinery and the entire office within a day and before 6pm with no sweat at all . Other movers had quoted a much higher price and even stated they needed minimum 2 days for the move . We are truly impressed and grateful for the time and money saved ! Great job and keep it up ...


Commercial Mover

 - by: Bambi Industries Pte Ltd


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